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No client is the same and no interior design project is the same.  We work with you to determine your design project scope and budget.  From there we can provide the Interior Design services that best meets your needs.

509 Design LLC offers several interior design services

Every project is different – our goal is to meet you where you need help.  We provide a variety of Interior Design Services to meet your needs and help to make your before a beautiful after.


Full-Service Interior Design

We enjoy getting to know our clients during the discovery phase, ensuring we facilitate their style and vision.  We have an amazing team of subcontractors for painting, faux finishing, wallcoverings, lighting, flooring (carpet, hardwood, tile), window treatments, upholstery, plumbing and electrical.  We believe in using the best of the best and cultivate these relationships so you have a great experience during this process.

The Full Service Package includes everything that the DIY & Complete Packages include in addition to providing our busy clients turn-key design services.  We take the time to meet with the Subcontractors, provide site visit to ensure that the vision is being traslated accurately and are available to the client and contractors for any questions that arise during construction.   We can even include furnishing a space, taking it from conception to completion!  You can be as involved in the process as you like.

We are a premiere Spokane Interior Design team that has access to many premium to the trade resources that we love to share with our clients, giving you unique and custom choices that are not available to the general public.

Range,  $4000-18,000, Price varies by size and complexity of project.


Gold Package:

We have discovered that not everyone wants or needs full service design.  So we now provide additional packages.  This package includes everything that they DIY Package includes, with the 3D drawing of the space and a study of what is the best layout for it.  One of the things we hear most from our clients that they like that they can “walk” through the space in the digital realm to fully understand how the space functions.

In addition, it includes all of the necessary Interior Elevations, finish selections, plumbing & lighting selections (if necessary).  It is a complete package, you could turn over to any Contractor an manage the project yourself.  This is perfect for someone who has a building background, has built a home previously and is very decisive.

Range: $1200-4200.  Price varies by size and complexity of project.


DIY Package:

After meeting with you during our initial two hour consultation (see below), we provide you with a schematic 3D drawing of the space.   This package is perfect for the DIY client who knows what they want their space to look like, but they are unsure how to layout the space to function and look its best, as we do not provide any finish selections in this package.

Range: $600-1700.  Price varies by size and complexity of project.


2 Hour Consultation:

You love your space, but it feels flat.  You need the interior design advice of a professional but don’t have enough work for a full-service designer?  We are available on an hourly basis and have two-hour interior design consultations available for you to pick our experts brains and implement the needed interior design ideas yourself.

Spokane Color Specialist

Our design consultations provide value to our clients, save them money and help avoid frustration.  Each consultation can include a variety of topics, such as:

  • A walk through of your home and discussing each room’s function, the existing furniture pieces, and new furniture recommendations
  • 2 hours of intensive and custom ideas
  • Getting to know your needs through questions and answers
  • Recommended furniture layout
  • Help you to define a budget
  • Paint color selections
  • Window Treatment ideas
  • Lighting ideas
  • Styling tips and ideas for vignettes
  • Ideas for mixing patterns

Please note that since we block out that specific date and time on our calendar, consultation fees are billed at the time the appointment is booked.



New Home Build

We provide design service to home, business owners and builders in the Spokane and North Idaho areas.   This is for the person who already has a great layout or is purchasing a new home and does not need any of the 3D and drawing services.

We assist you in all of your necessary selections:  flooring, countertops, kitchen and wall tiles, doors and trim, paint colors, plumbing, lighting and exterior finishes (paint/stucco colors, stone, roofing).

Range:  $400-1200.  Price varies by the size and detail of the home/business.


Color Consultations:

Do you need help with choosing the right paint colors?  No matter how many swatches you paint on the walls, you can’t seem to nail down the perfect color.   Are you tired of living in builders beige?  Do you know what color you want, but just can’t get the right shade?

This is our client’s #1 problem – getting color right.  While most people know what colors they like (& don’t), they don’t know what shade is the best one for their project.  No matter what your need, we rely on our expertise to recommend the perfect scheme that sets the tone for the room.  Color impacts us greatly.  Let us guide you in selecting the best scheme for your home or business.

We reserve one hour for Paint Consultations and use this time to develop a color scheme for your home or business, leaving you with all of the details that you can pass on to your painter or do the painting yourself.



Window Treatments

Nothing finishes a room like Window Treatments.  They add warmth, detail and interest, softening the hard edges of a room.  You can live without them, but they add that final splash of color, not to mention the function that they can offer: acoustics control, privacy, light control, and energy efficiency.   We sell some amazing companies that have proven themselves to be quality and stand the test of time.  We can provide you a unique perspective from an Interior Designer and give you the best solution that is also the most beautiful.

Call or email us to schedule a one hour window treatment & bedding consultation ($147.)

Types of window treatments available:

  • Custom Drapery
  • Blinds
  • Natural Shades
  • Roller Shades
  • Shutters

General Contractor

We are now a licensed and bonded General Contractor.  Our lead project manager coordinates with our lead designer to create a seamless project should you not have your own contractor.


Home Staging

Looking to sell your home?  Studies have proven that a staged home sells faster and for more money.  We consult with you to determine a plan of action.  We can implement any needed renovations, or give you a plan to do it yourself.  We also have a storage facility for those who have a vacant home that need quality furnishings to reflect your home’s architectural interest and value.

Home Staging helps buyers to create an emotional attachment to the home.  It goes beyond cleaning, preparing and decorating.  Staging makes the home appealing to all potential buyers and helps them to envision themselves with their belongings in the home.

So before you post that For Sale sign, contact us to prepare your home to be its best, bringing you top dollar.  Email us today for details on how our Home Staging works.  (Starts at $297.)



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Are you ready to make your “Before” a beautiful After?  Call us to schedule your initial design consultation.  509-795-1858.