How To Hire An Interior Designer


How To Hire An Interior Designer

Your home is a growing asset. It is also the first thing guests will see when they visit you. A well-managed home need not be big, it need only be well designed. Choosing the right interior designer is as simple as picking out drapery. While there are a ton of awesome designs out there, it helps if you know what you’re looking for.

Let’s go over some of the ways that an interior designer helps you.

Interior designers save you money.


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Yes, you read that right. Your home is not just where you live, it’s an investment. A home naturally depreciates in value over time. Every home will need a face-lift. Even if you don’t plan on selling your home, it’s still an asset that should be making you money, not losing it.

If you go to the local home supply store and randomly shop around, you could be flushing thousands of dollars down the sink for almost no gain.

Added to the countless hours of moving furniture, painting walls, and installing fixtures only to find out a measurement was done incorrectly – this is a struggle every homeowner encounters at least once.

And the smart homeowner doesn’t need to repeat it.

Your real estate agent will thank you later.



No matter how big or small your home is, the use of that space will dictate how a potential buyer sees himself living in it. A grandiose home that fails to properly use its interior space is throwing it away.

An interior designer doesn’t just understand what works for you – she understands what works for the next buyer, too. According to Zillow, home-owners are quick to pick up on these ten things when seeing a home for the first time. Spoiler alert: all of them are turn-offs.

Proper interior design will set up your home to not only reflect your desires but easily transition to another home buyer as well.

Will Work within your budget.


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When you decide to give your home a face-lift, you likely have a budget. How realistic is that budget? When you work with an interior designer, she’ll line up where you want to go with how much you have to get there.

Hiring an interior designer brings in a breath of fresh air. Don’t be surprised if this leads to a bit of correction on both sides. Everything you want may not be within budget but you may also find some surprising things that are possible within it.

Getting the right contractors on board for home remodeling projects.


If you don’t know the right electrician, plumber, carpenter and painter, you’re not alone. A lot of money gets spent by contractors and home services providers to get your hard-earned dollars. Hiring the right interior designer comes with a hidden benefit – they know who’s right for the job. Interior designers walk into thousands of home each year and dramatically alter the inside. This means they’re constantly bringing in contractors that they know can provide timely, professional services on a tight budget.

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Wendy is a military spouse who has returned home after exploring the world and experiencing varied clients that each new location brought.  She is very excited to grow business roots in the Inland Northwest, while raising her children along with her husband in this beautiful part of the country.

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