How well do you see color?

Did you know that how you see color affects how well you can coordinate your interiors?  If you see color, but not accurately, you could be combining a fabric and a paint color that just doesn’t look right.  Not only can your ability be a factor, but age can alter what you see too!


I came across this fun quiz:  Color Test Challenge  Just be warned, your eyes will go a bit buggy looking at the colors!  If you don’t do well-don’t worry, with practice you can get better.  You have to look at lots of color and compare it to other colors to see the undertones and whether a color has gray or white added, how light or dark it is or if it is a pure color.


It’s always good to know where you stand.  If you know you have a challenge with certain hues, you can always show your selections with family or friends to make sure they really do coordinate!


Color accuracy


You’ll have to forgive me for bragging a bit but, I was pleasantly surprised by my results…a perfect score!  (Maybe everyone does well, though!)  I always wonder how aging is going to alter how accurately I see color.  Did you know that as you age the lens of your eyes yellow?  If you were to look through a yellow film, you would see that any yellows become REALLY yellow.  The only color that is not affected is teal and it’s variations.  If you have ever wondered why little old ladies have blue hair, this is why!  You just don’t see color accurately as the eye ages.  Interesting, huh?


So, let me know in the comments below…how well do you see your colors?