Design Process

After working with clients, I have figured out that many have tried to design the room themselves and there is a bit of a design process that a client will take prior to calling me.  While they may have great taste, they just don’t know how to pull the room together as a whole.  When it came down to it, they couldn’t either picture the room as a whole or they just didn’t have the time it takes to shop all the different vendors you need to, to pull a space together.  So, that’s where I come in:  translating your style in to the space, by selecting and coordinating finishes and furnishings, while thinking about the little details that will finish the room.  Transforming it to a room that is both beautiful, functional and reflective of you.


So, here’s a infographic to poke a bit of fun at a person’s design process.  I thought you might get a little chuckle or at can at least relate to some of it.


DESIGN process


So, I wanna hear, have you struggled with any of this?  Has this been your design process?


Disclaimer…this is ALL in fun!  I know every single client I have worked with would admit to at least ONE of these!

2 thoughts on “Design Process

  1. Hi Wendy,

    Great info graphic! It reminds me of when I go for a consult and the client says…

    “someone said…”

    Mother? Sister? Friend? haha. Not that they can’t ask opinions, but it’s just like the broth.
    Too many cooks can definitely spoil it—especially if they aren’t good cooks to begin with!

    1. Thanks Laurel! I’ve come to expected “multiple” opinions. The key is learning how to hear the right client and helping them to understand the value that we provide.

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