Spring Fever – Patio Plan

This winter has been crazy for a lot of you and I am sure that many of you are feeling a bit of spring fever.  I know that it is teasing my friends and family in the northwest.  The snow keeps melting, then it snows again!   Even I have been feeling that spring fever nudge wanting to create a patio plan; although I am not in any hurry to usher in summer here in AZ!


patio plan


I’ve always loved green and how fresh it can make a space feel.  To add some interest, I added a blue to the scheme.  Notice how the green is repeated with the plants?  You don’t have to limit yourself to fabrics and paints to introduce color.  I wanted a light, relaxing space, but added a bit of interest by using the unexpected large scale houndstooth pouf and polished metal side table.  What do you think of the a green/blue color scheme?


I have also been brainstorming with one of my colleagues about providing an affordable Interior Design plan for those of you who just don’t have the budget to hire an Interior Designer.  I’m really excited about these plans, because we have decided to partner together on these.  Between the two of us you will have different room options to choose from to suite your style and tastes.  Make sure to check the Design services page for more info.


I thought I would share the patio plan I just finished, which would be similar to a ready made plan.  We will provide you with an inspiration board like the one below and a shopping list with links.  So you know exactly where to buy everything.  If something doesn’t fall within your budget, you can find something similar in style.  Basically it will be a style guide for you to implement in your space.  You get the guidance of an Interior Designer at a price you can afford and you can DIY as much of the project as you want to.


Interior Design patio plan
Spring fever leads to a new patio plan.



Have you been able to hold off your spring fever or you creating a patio plan as well?  I would love to hear feedback on the ready made design plan.  Is this something that would interest you?  Could you see doing it as a DIY?  We look forward to hearing from you!


If you need more help than a premade plan offers you and like our style, contact us at info@509.design.  We would love to help you achieve your dream space!



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    1. Alicia,

      I have been amazed by the amount of snow the east has received. I’m surprise to hear you guys have been hit as well! Let’s hope spring comes soon for all of you and you will be out on your deck redecorating soon!

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