Monday’s Moments #4

I hope you have been learning as we go.  It has been fun seeing your Moments, thanks for sharing!  If this is your first time reading Monday’s Moments, my goal is to help you style vignettes with things you may already have.  Not everyone can afford to remodel an entire space, right?!


I’ve been trying to repeat the elements that help a vignette work to help you see how to apply them.  Some of you may be feeling challenged, so let’s try a small area today.  Here is the area above my china cabinet.  I collected all of my glass serve-ware and display pieces and arranged them together.  The height of the taller pieces fills the space so this Moment feels like it is in proportion to the space.  The fact that they are glass, makes it a subtle vignette, that doesn’t take too much attention from the cabinet and it’s display.


glass vignette MM4
A subtle vignette above the china cabinet.


The glassware gives a contrast to the rough ceiling beams and gives us our sparkle.  I do love sparkle, and how it can add so much interest to a space.


Because I wanted this to be a subtle vignette, I didn’t apply all of the other principles we had discussed before.  Today we used contrast (contrast of materials, between the glass and the beam), odd number groupings and sparkle (the glass) and proportion.  If it was something I wanted to be a focal point, we could have added flowers to add life in the vases/containers.


glass vignette d
Grouping like items together.


Creating this vignette entailed gathering all my glassware together.  By grouping them on the space above, it gives them importance that one piece could not achieve on it’s own.  I love that it is subtle, but at the same time, creates a moment when you finally do notice it.


I’ve been thinking about this series, and would like to think, if you use these posts as a weekly challenge, you can make Moments in your own rooms.  Eventually, all of these small Moments create a big Moment with the entire space being decorated.  What great way for those of you who might be overwhelmed, to work on your space in bite sized chunks, ending up with a room that you love and know how to restyle!


Now to some readers Moments!  I love Ginene’s storytelling on her blog Fox and Finch Antiques.  She owns an antique store and lives above it.  She has such a different eye from the normal home DIYer with her need to merchandise the things she has.  I love this because it can give us different ideas for vignettes that we might not think of otherwise.


Here she is displaying antique dolls.  The cabinet she used gives importance to each one.  Had they been grouped together on a table top, they would have read as clutter.  But, here the grouping looks organized and gives you a chance to really study each one.


FF dolls
Fox and Finch groups the dolls in an interesting case. Giving us a chance to notice each and every one.


I just had to put this one in, because it is so simple, but looks great with the rustic paneling used as art, and three deco cows on top of the beautiful buffet.  Simple, but really good!


FF buffet
The contrast of materials makes for an interesting vignette.

Next, I wanted to share Jamala’s from Viva LaVintage Moment.  If you are a Facebook fan, you probably saw that Pottery Barn emailed their Interior Design members a sneak peek of their summer catalogue.   What I shared with you was there was lots of nautical inspiration.  With that in mind, Jamala updated her tabletop to reflect the change in seasons.


VLV shells
Grouping the like items together (shells) makes for a light and airy vignette, perfect for summer!


You can see how she gathered her like items together too.  By doing this it creates much more of an impact than those individual shells would.


So, what do you think?  Do you have a collection at home that you could group together?  I’m looking forward to seeing your vignettes next week and hearing how these Moments are hoping to inspire you to keep working on others!


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3 thoughts on “Monday’s Moments #4

  1. Hi Wendy,
    I am excited about learning everything I can from your talent and knowledge. I’ve already learned a lot since I began following your blog. This is a wonderful opportunity and my displays are already improving.
    Thank you so much!
    Ginene from Fox and Finch Antiques

    1. Thanks Ginene, I’m glad you are picking some things up. That was my goal with this series. Thanks for allowing me to share your vignettes! I look forward to seeing your new Moments!

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