Painting Kitchen Cabinets


I just started painting kitchen cabinets, and am starting to see the end in sight for this kitchen remodel.  Originally, I wasn’t sure if I wanted to paint them with a brush or try to spray them.  I ended up trying my husband’s Critter spray gun on a sample to help me make up my mind. After I got the hang of it and liked what I saw on the sample, I was painting kitchen cabinets within an hour.


Painting kitchen cabinets with the Critter spray gun.


I loved how quickly I could get the drawers done.  Because you water the paint down and spray thin layers, they dry fast!  I was able to get the drawers completely primed and three to four coats of paint on in one day.  I decided to do one more light sanding then a last coat of paint, otherwise, I could have installed them.  They probably didn’t need to be sanded one last time, I just wanted them to be super smooth.


door closeup


I was a little nervous painting the kitchen cabinets myself with the Critter sprayer because I had never sprayed anything before.  But, from the first pass, it left a really nice factory like finish.  I was in love with this little thing!


cab doors in progress
Primer coat done. Painting the first coat with latex paint.


It was tempting to spray heavier passes to get it done on the first or second swipe.  When I went back to get the edge, I must have had too much paint on the front, because I got a little run.  So, I learned quickly that less was better.  The run wasn’t too much of a problem and sanded out easily afterwards.


cab doors
Cabinet doors almost finished.


Overall, I am really happy with the finish appearance!  As I was painting the kitchen cabinets, I was thinking of all of the things, I wanted to paint with this little critter!  Yep, adding more things to that incredibly long to do list!


Have you ever painted kitchen cabinets?  How did you like the outcome?


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2 thoughts on “Painting Kitchen Cabinets

  1. Hi, great info. Funny, I was looking at ikea and barker cabinets too. Just out of curiosity what primer did you use to spray your barker doors? What did you thin it with and what ratio?

    Thanks, Jeff

    1. Hi Jeff,

      I used standard primer for wood…no specific brand. I only thinned if it needed to be for spraying and thinned it with water. Hope that helps!

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