Valentine Printable

I have a love of all things creative and have really liked how some Graphic Designers create fun printables.  They are so fun to use for my kids school parties/gifts.  After meeting Artsy Fartsy Mama at BYBC 2014, I was checking out her Facebook page and she had all of these awesome Valentine ideas.  Seriously, you need to check out this lady.  She has some serious creativity!


So, while the boys were at school, I found a Valentine printable, that she featured, that I thought would be really cute for the boys and printed up the feminine version for baby girl.  I printed them up on cardstock and had creative Valentine ready for assembly and names for when the boys got home.  They were so excited to be able to give their friends glow sticks.


Valentines printable
Valentine printable all set to go!


They had lots of fun putting them together.  I made them write their friends’ names, because I figure it’s their Valentine, right?!  Oldest son even made sure to give the girls the girly color glow sticks.  I love that he gave it that much thought!


I was able to do both boys’ Valentines for under $10.  It seems like those cheapo Valentines run at least five bucks a piece any more, and I thought these were lots more fun!


valentines printables
Assembling the Valentine printable.


Are you doing anything creative for Valentines?  Have you ever used a Valentine’s Printable?  Please share!  I would love to hear from you here, or click the link above and comment on my Facebook page.