Spokane Interior Design

Our Spokane Interior Design team is passionate about helping our clients love their homes. So many times homeowners are frustrated with their Interiors.  They don’t know what colors to choose, how a room might function better;   they are just plain tired of trying to “make it work”;  or might be in the process of building and the options are overwhelming.

Here is where we come in – we are one of Spokane’s Bested Rated Interior Designers and are passionate about creating gorgeous, functional homes that solve our client’s frustrations with their spaces.

We make your before, a beautiful after.

Spokane Interior Design

Do You Want To Turn Your Before In To An After?

You know you want an “After”, but don’t know how to get there, we can help you.   Contact us at 509-795-1858 for help.

Wendy of 509 Design LLC is one of Spokane’s Best Rated Interior Designers and is coming up on her 20th year of practicing Interior Design.  She still loves Interior Design as much now as she did when she was going to college for Interior Design.

Her highlights are getting to design gorgeous interiors and see her client’s joy when the spaces are completed.   She feels Interior Designers have one of the best jobs out there, we get to make people happy!


We are proud to announce that we are in the process of opening a Construction Division, to make our client’s lives easier.  We can take your design from beginning to end.

Want to know how we work?  Email us here for more information.